Thursday, 29 October 2015

Is Your Business Ready For Video Marketing

When I first tried my hand at marketing online I failed and not just oh well that didn't work lets move on...

It was more like shit I have no money left and my family is now starving, I had to get my head together and make some changes fast.

Sometimes You Just Can't See The Things That Are Staring You Right In The Face

Look that's a true story and it all started when I refused to believe that video would have a huge impact online, that was four years ago.

Now, it really does not matter where you look online anyone with any kind of marketing experience is using video to either brand or promote something, then of course you have all the nuts on YouTube desperately trying to get noticed by videoing their silly stunts.

Since my days of complete ignorance video marketing has become highly effective and the marketing tool of choice for those in the know, " yep you got it they didn't seem to be me"!

Who would have thought that YouTube would take off, hell my son spends every waking minute watching the YouTube videos and my daughter isn't far behind him.

Actually if you were to look at the stats you would see that at the time of me writing this more than 6 billion hours of videos are watched online each month, four years ago I would have said what a bunch of "NO LIFERS" now however I say "OPPORTUNITY".

Why You Should Use Video In Your Business


OK I admit it, we are are so far gone with digital that anyone not getting involved will be left behind. And you have to admit with the applications now available like Explaindio and Easy Sketch Pro, video production can not be any easier to do.

You just need to find a good location create a script and away you go, 15 minutes of fame on YouTube could launch you and your business into the top 100 of BRW.

Once you would as a business owner only consider video or should I say television as a last resort or a luxury option if business was good, now just about anyone with a cheap video camera can make a promotional video and without the huge costs.

You now have so many places to add those videos to which are in most cases free such as YouTube, Vimeo and even daily motion. This video sharing sites can depending on the quality and nature of your business draw in hundreds of potential customers.

Things to Consider....

First you need to know your target audience, then think about what you want to achieve with the audience and I dont just mean sales that is really short term. You want to be thinking about engaging with them building trust and then the sales will follow. The idea behind this is to use the video to build a customer base that will buy from you on numerous occasions not just once.

Determine the profiles of your customers, you can do this using their age, gender, income and personal or professional preferences. By doing this you will narrow down their wants and needs and anticipate what kind of content will be suitable for them. Moreover, you can decide on what kind of platform you will use to deliver your video -- YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs or your own website.

Setting The Budget

Maybe I should have placed this at the start but better late than never right. You are going to need to think about costings, how are you going to create the video is it going to be outsourced to an expert or are you going to create it yourself.

A quick tip: there is no better video you can create to promote your own business than the one that showcases you the owner. After all you are and should be the face of the business and this is where the trust factor will come into play.

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